The Simplest Ways of Cleaning Your Office

Genio Hello Genio App 2

Finding it a challenge to keep your office clean, keep reading for more information. Did you know they are a number of options outside they that help in keeping your office clean. By using a cleaning business software, companies that offer cleaning services are in a position to monitor all activities as they unfold, without the team leader or supervisor being on the scene. Using the genio cleaning software in your business is a symbol of professionalism. If looking for a way to end all troubles you cleaning crew face, this product will be of great benefit.

Below are some of the fantastic features that make this product the best you can have.

Your Business schedule right in front of you

As a supervisor you have the freedom to assign task from your desk or any other location. Actually, you don’t have to meet the team to assign the daily task. If assigning duties was a problem, a click is enough to have everyone cleaner in toes and busy. Save on paper by using this innovative software of its kind.

A map at your fingertips

How do you manage your workers? Here is what you need to know. Are you sure all your worker always does what you instructed them to do? A Genio cleaning system will help you in finding answers to any uncertainty ringing in your mind. Besides, this feature enables you to know what is taking place at each station and the period the cleaners have worked.

Activity log

With Genio the troubles of employers monitoring clock-in and clock-out behavior of employees is gone. It is so simple to  tell when an employee reported to work and when he or she left. Importantly, through the system you are in a position to monitor the reaction of your customers, how they relate to your workers and what makes them happy. If a customer leaves a comment, the system log indicates the whole chain clearly.

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 Customer management

If your company serves a wide pool of clients, you will love Genio cleaning software at . Through it you will be in a position to consolidate all clients in a single screen, monitor work in progress in all stations. This platform also allows businesses to communicate with their clients and important able to tap more prospective clients.

The application

This app is the best tool you can have when doing business. If you want speed and accuracy, the Genio app will ensure your cleaning crew get instruction at any time. The ability to help you travel from one place to another makes the product worth an investment. If you need to get to new places to meet clients this app is all you need.

There are many ways you can benefit by using this product, for more information, click here. Now that you have the information, it is time to make a move and start using this product.


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